1. Bionic Bytes

    Bug - Odyssey - Journal - spurious Shiplocker event written when entering supercruise

    Like so many of the community developers, I'd like FDev to fix the issues in the Journal files. Since going live, more and more have occurred, such as the localised names of suits. This bug I'd like to report is a spurious writing of Shiplocker event when entering and exiting supercruise and...
  2. NoLifeKing85

    Release Journal Limpet - Automatic journal storage and EDDN submission

    So, I went a made a thing.. it's called Journal Limpet, and the main purpose for it, is to allow players to store whatever journals that Frontier has stored, for all platforms. I recently also released so that we push those journals to EDDN automatically. :) Registration is simple, just login...
  3. NoLifeKing85

    Discussion Missing entries in cAPI /journal-endpoint

    Hi, I'm developing a service to store player journals for a longer period than the current cAPI does. But I've found an issue (at least with my account), that the difference between the local journal files (PC, Steam, Frontier account) and the cAPI are too large. In the API, I do not have...
  4. Old Duck

    Orbital Circumference

    You guys are smart, so tell me, how do I calculate the circumference of a planet's orbit based on the various orbital data provided us? I want to do this using the data recorded in our journal, so any formula will have to take into account whatever units the journal data is recorded in. I'd like...
  5. Old Duck

    Newcomer / Intro Journal file settings and / or redirect

    Are there any settings in ED that let me customize what's recorded in my journal log files? For example, I have system chat hidden in-game, yet my journal is still recording system chats, which is a FLOOD of pretty terrible rubbish here in Borann. I have zero need to record this garbage and thus...
  6. K

    [SOLVED] [Linux] Journal files

    Hi everyone! Alright so the game works fine with the latest Proton version, but I can't seem to find my journals anywhere. I like to save my progress on EDSM, being a part of DW2 and all that, so that's a real bummer for me. I've found some files called NetLog.XXXXXXXXXX.XX.log (with X being...
  7. Fenyl

    Please add "battle won" information in player journal.

    This is very simple request, but so important in the current BGS for all of us using journal for third party applications: Please add "battle won" information in player journal.
  8. B

    [Journal] More info in MissionAccepted/Disable mega-ship turrets event please

    Can we please get more info in this event, specifically the name of the mega-ship, and possibly its (current) location?
  9. Athan

    Discussion [Feature Request] Current conflict status in FSDJump and Location ActiveStates

    Can we plase get the status of a conflict (War, Civil War, Election) in the journal? I'd envisage it being added into the ActiveStates array per faction. If it's an appropriate state then have a Progress key like: ..., { "ActiveStates": [ { "State": "Election", "Progress"...
  10. LeptonFields

    Discussion 3.3 BGS Changes and the Journal File

    With the revealed BGS changes for Beyond 3.3, while they propagate to the journal? If so, I hope FDEV will release the new Journal Manual at the start of the beta so that changes can be made for the parsers everyone is using (and bugs found quickly).
  11. Athan

    Discussion [3.3 Beta] Collecting Journal Files for Third Party Devs

    NB: The Google Drive link changed evening of 2018-10-30, see below for the new one! The EDCD (Elite Dangerous Community Developers) has during past betas provided a Google Drive for Cmdrs testing to upload beta journal files to in order to aid all the third party developers in ensuring their...
  12. John Kozak

    Release Elite Log Agent - EDSM/Inara/EDDN log uploader tool

    What does it do? sends market prices, system/faction information, body scan data to the Elite Dangerous Data Network (EDDN). This data is then distributed to sites likes like EDDB, Inara, Trade Dangerous etc. sends your commander data - ships, cargo, materials, missions, community goals, flight...
  13. Sleep Runner

    Discussion [request] May it happen that journals will be available on consoles one day?

    As pilot can't access to the file system on consoles (or maybe ED don't write logs at all) - Frontier Devs can add some sort of export-options on fly. Like: [ checkbox ] - Enable external journals management [ https:// ... ] service URL - allow user to specify 3rd party service...
  14. Sleep Runner

    Discussion Strong ID for new and old systems

    I have a question about Journal and system identification. I'm currently working on collecting data from few CMDRs journals into database (to do some research), but some systems has the same name. Well... okay, it happens. So I can't count on system name anymore. In 3.0 update we got...
  15. R

    Discussion [Request] - MissionCompleted event - Rewards

    Hi, It would be nice if the information about additional rewards would be included into MissionCompleted event. Since missions could be rewarded by additional influence, it might be connected to BGS but we have no info about it in journal logfile. Also, is it possible to add an information...
  16. Robert Maynard

    In-Development StatusDisplay - status.json / journal display and surface navigation assistant.

    With the inclusion of status.json as an addition to the player journal data offered by the game in 3.0, I started development of an application to display that data and, given that positional information is included when in proximity to a landable body, allow the player to set destination...
  17. Garud

    Discussion QOL: System data dump to Journal on opening System View

    Currently the only way to get up-to-date data about a system through the Journal is to jump into that system. I realise that we shouldn't let a user get data through the Journal that the User cannot get in game at that moment (for example getting the detailed star properties of Beagle Point...
  18. d3coy

    In-Development Elite: Dangerous Journal [WebSocket] Server

    Elite: Dangerous Journal Server is a simple WebSocket server that broadcasts all Journal Updates. It allows clients to connect and choose what Event types to subscribe to, or to listen to every event that is added to the Journal. It is designed to be run continuously in the background and...
  19. Athan

    Discussion Data flow from CAPI/Journals via EDDN and APIs to third party websites.

    As I keep seeing people confuse EDDB with EDDN, and in general not know how game data gets from players to the various third party sites I've made an infrographic. As per the notes at the bottom this doesn't cover every possible interaction between every possible tool and every possible website...
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