1. W

    Is the void calling? Phantom Sentinels is recruiting!

    Greetings commanders! Phantom Sentinels is a storied squadron with a minor faction and many diplomatic ties within the community. We pride ourselves in encouraging personal growth, having fun, and of course, earning credits. If you're looking for BGS knowledge, someone to wing up with, or just...
  2. Krowka Crogen

    Inara shows blank systems

    Hi there I have a question and can't seem to find the answer. In Inara i have systems in my flightlog that are blank (the lettering of the name) and are non-clickable. The Inara FAQ doesn't say anything. Any toughts?
  3. R

    The path to one trillion credits

    I was browsing Inara, and stumbled across the "#1 profile" in the Inara rankings (here: A Cmdr Marz - who has 1.2 Trillion credits. His work ethic is legendary - routinely earning 15-20 Billion credits a week. My question Is this the...
  4. Daniel Klimchuk

    Extra States (Inara)

    What are the extra states about on Inara? Cold war, trade war, revolution, technological leap, historic event and colonisation - where are they coming from? They're not in the game.
  5. Ca$hback

    All Loadouts Gone from Inara

    Forgive me if this has been discussed but I've spent an hour looking for any info on this and haven't found anything. All my ships' loadout data is "unknown" and there's no button to import the coriolis files. I haven't found a spot to put in the info anywhere. When I refresh the "edit ship"...
  6. Orbitalai

    Discussion INARA and Powerplay

    Some suggestions for INARA: Show a graph of Merits and a projection of merits into next weeks (with the 60% reduction applied). Show what CMDR has done for each power both this week and in total lifetime.
  7. Envisitor

    Discussion Inara resets PowerPlay-faction after refresh

    Greetings CMDRs, Recently I started with the PowerPlay. When I logged in to I recognized that my Power was not updated and it was still "Independent". So I updated it manually but every time I reload the website my Power change to "Independent". Could anybody give me advice what I have...
  8. D

    INARA can now be linked with console

    GOOD NEWS everyone the import CMDR data feature is now working for consoles on go to your profile there and it's as simple as 3 clicks
  9. Herdygerdy

    Import your data from Frontier to Inara

    Following on from the EDSM set up of flight tracking it appears the ability to link to Inara has gone live. You can import credits, ships and ranks. It's imported all my ships and locations and even updated locations and recognised ships I've added...
  10. NewkTV

    The Forgotten Initiative: Hunt for Raxxla!

    ALL REPORTS/PROGRESS UPDATED ON THE BOTTOM After today's big announcement, it is clearly confirmed by Frontier that Chapter 4 will bring amazing Lore in the Codex including Raxxla and The Dark Wheel. The Forgotten Initiative has decided to take lead on this new insight and send their Scientific...
  11. P

    Discussion Cannot seem to get Inara to see my materials

    I would like to be able to see all the stuff in my inventory, particularly materials and chemicals etc in Inara so I can better plan what I need to mine or purchase for engineers etc. I have provided the API key and it seems to be connecting to EDDiscovery but fill in my current mats. Is it...
  12. John Kozak

    Release Elite Log Agent - EDSM/Inara/EDDN log uploader tool

    What does it do? sends market prices, system/faction information, body scan data to the Elite Dangerous Data Network (EDDN). This data is then distributed to sites likes like EDDB, Inara, Trade Dangerous etc. sends your commander data - ships, cargo, materials, missions, community goals, flight...
  13. T

    Spearhead Charter Looking for New Recruits (Thargoid Hunting, BGS)

    Spearhead Charter The galaxy is in turmoil; the Thargoids are an ever looming threat, and still internal conflicts and political struggles occur within the borders of human space. Commissioned by the Council of Admirals under the leadership of Commodore Jakken Eardley, Spearhead Charter carries...
  14. Bitwalker

    Xbox & Data -> Inara Import?

    Hello, dear Commander! Like many, I also use INARA.CZ to manage my achievements. Presumably, this question has been asked many times, but the search function does not give me any decent results. Is there, or will someday be the opportunity to somehow link the data and materials of my...
  15. T

    Newcomer / Intro Recruiting for The Knights Of The Round Table Wing

    The Knights of The Round Table requires more members if we are to fulfill our role as peacekeepers and arbitrators. Our Wing is primarily based in Open Play. Our goals are primarily PvE based, but in certain scenarios could be PvP based. Our primary language is English, but we are open to...
  16. JosefK

    Release Inara shows my fleet but no config details

    Both ships show "THE SHIP CONFIGURATION IS UNKNOWN". Not sure why. I started using Inara about 5 days into playing ED and I uploaded all of my logs. Is there a way to have EDMC pull the ship configs into Inara? Thanks for any help. Oh and using EDSM, my current ship has the coriolis and...
  17. Athan

    Discussion Data flow from CAPI/Journals via EDDN and APIs to third party websites.

    As I keep seeing people confuse EDDB with EDDN, and in general not know how game data gets from players to the various third party sites I've made an infrographic. As per the notes at the bottom this doesn't cover every possible interaction between every possible tool and every possible website...
  18. Cosmo

    Astronomy / Space NASA’s Hubble Finds Supernova Star System Linked to Potential “Zombie Star”
  19. Orbitalai

    Astronomy / Space New Neptune moon found!

    Maybe we get to see it :) Nasa's Hubble telescope discovers new Neptune moon
  20. Cmdr Jonty H Campbell

    Astronomy / Space Space ****: Fill Your Moonboots!

    Space stuff.: Fill your boots!
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