1. Katie Byrne

    3rd ever Thargoid "Octagoid" Kill - 8 thargoid interceptors at once

    Ladies and gentlemen, after many weeks of trying, I have managed to get four extra thargoid interceptors to join a four goid instance to create an 8 goid "octagoid" instance. :) So so many jumps... as Hyperdiction in only around a 20 percent chance so many wrong instances... as getting one of...
  2. P

    Create gameplay mechanic/loop to remove Hyperdiction marker

    I get it, hyperdictions are cool. But after seeing it 40+ times its more annoying/time consuming than anything and it only happens because you picked up some thargoid stuff 2 years ago. It makes traveling through the Pleiades and Witch Head rather annyoing and I would like to perform some form...
  3. Dynarec

    Hyperdicted in Pleiades FH-U B3-0

    At around 5:00pm eastern to 5:05pm, I was hyperdicted by three Thargoid ships when jumping from Pleiades FH-U B3-0 on my way back from the California Nebula. They sent out a visible pulse wave that disabled my ship. I remember when the hyperdictions were occurring before but don't remember...
  4. DavidMik

    Got a 4th Thargoid to show up in the Hyperdiction.

    https://youtu.be/8FC-ewVyyLs Title pretty much sums it up. I'm probably going to carry a fuller hold next time to see if multiple thargoids picking up 5 each can bring in a 5th or even 6th. I think only one may have grabbed enough, since the other two got stuck on the same MA for so long.
  5. CMDR Malthbern

    Unprovoked Hyperdiction

    Systems: PLEIADES SECTOR QO-Q B5-2 --> HIP 17125 Cargo: empty Ship: Viper i was hyperdicted by a team of 2 thargoids one did the hyperdiction and shutdown pulse and jumped away, the other flew in to the side of me and watched like it was waiting for an offering. when my ship rebooted i go to...
  6. Dan Diplo

    Murdered by some Thargoid grievers!

    An item on Maia news caught my eye about a professor who was missing and had last been seen in HIP 16378. As I was nearby in my Asp Explorer I thought I'd check it out. Followed a trail and eventally discovered a few Non Human - Threat 5 USS's, but only ever found wreckage of Imperial ships. I...
  7. nats

    The Old Elite IV speculation thread

    Elite 4 I would imagine 75% or more of the people visiting this forum are only interested in hearing news on the development of Elite 4. I actually missed Elite myself but got Frontier on an Amiga 600 I think I was instantly hooked. I loved the freedom of being able to fly around a realistic...
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