1. klichekid

    How does time work in-game??

    No, really. How does time function in-game? For example; one month = XXX minutes?? one year = XXX hours?? I know it sounds like a stupid question, especially considering I've been playing since launch, but I just haven't really gotten a clear answer on it. I don't even think the game really...
  2. Viper2kUK

    Love the game but I got to be up for parole after time served?

    Any chance of congical visits guvnor for time spent? V2k.
  3. kenwshmt

    General / Off-Topic Battlestar galactica, aired 35 years ago.

    35 years ago, when I obviously smart enough to know this was good, I watched this. This is entertaining. 'remembering battlestar galactica, 1978' And, honestly, I liked the deep chrome, and the really good music without the shaky cam and drums. http://youtu.be/fx1tphhlsyE
  4. kenwshmt

    General / Off-Topic cylons (battlestar Galactica) vs starfleet.

    I wont romanticize this too much, the battlestar looses as any little ship comparered to a fleet of bay ships would. then star fleet shows up and kicks their , but this I don't like, because the cylons would have bugged out at the first sign they wern't doing well. this is 1978 battlestar...
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