1. thargoidspy

    Ships Dakka Gunship Build

    o7 fellow Cmdrs, please kindly evaluate my build plan for the Dakka Gunship. Basically all multi-cannons thus I have to put some Incidentary rounds to melt shield. That leads to hull tank, repair limpet, and thermal powerplant to reduce the significant increase in heat. I will mainly use...
  2. F

    FalterXV89 Presents: Friendly 1v1's. Gunships and "META" Lances

    💀 A friendly 1v1 with CMDR Latt Mowne. Terms were: "To the death, pass'n'go, no crimes." - - - Build used in video: MEGA: - - - Song(s) used in the video: Scandroid - Thriller (Fury Weekend Remix) : - - - Want to learn how...
  3. F

    PvP FalterXV89 Presents - Behave!

    💀 New video out. TFCB: Behave. Music used in the video: "Let's Misbehave," (Sound Nomaden Remix) - - Build used in the video: - - Channel Update: Work has been a lot more hectic with my new schedule lately. I may not be able...
  4. T

    [PVP] Gunship vs Krait MK II - Close Encounters of the Krait Kind

    Source: Source: Challenged CMDR MTPoket to a 1v1. The Krait MK II has a reputation of being one of the strongest 1v1 ships in the game right now. With it's excellent balance of firepower and defenses, the Krait is one mean beast. MT did not disappoint! Is the...
  5. F

    PvP Jingle, Jango, Deado!

    Hope you all enjoy the newest chapter in MEGA's continued dominance over the META! This video was inspired by my muse, Yuro's: "Rekt-Xington" A great, many thanks go out to this guy for giving me the idea to make my video! - - - As always, the main build used in this video will be linked...
  6. F

    PvP "Mode > Easy's" Debut in an Un-engineered PVP Tournament.

    💀 I was invited to take part in Oblivion Fleet's Un-engineered PVP tournament. 💀 The requirements were the following: (IE: what most actual PVP tournaments should look like.) Take Notes META pilots. GG's go out to all CMDRs who took part and competed in this tournament. Special thanks go out...
  7. F

    PvP "That's now how Seekers work!" CMDR Rammius007 vs. FalterXV89

    Two hull tank pilots with each having a class 1 Seeker mount and no "anti-missile defense." Guess which pilot loses? I'll give you a hint, it's the guy who thinks that a scramble laser and seeker rack hard counter a hull tank. GG's to all CMDRs involved. Fly safe out there!
  8. F

    PvP Team [Pause] Gunship

    Team [Pause] Gunship: Source: This video was inspired by Yuro's: Team[Pause]Player Main Build in the Video: (Secondary build runs a Medium Fuel Slug Railgun, and a Retributor Beam with Thermal Vent.) GG's to all the...
  9. J

    Ships Assassination/BH Gunship engineering

    Hello Commanders! I bought the Gunship. I plan to use it for Assassination mission's (most time) and eventually for bounty hunting (all PvE). Here is the link for the build: LINK I've done some engineering, except armor, hull reinforcements, shield and shield boosters. Mentioned parts in this...
  10. Serenity03

    Ships Ding! 100 Ships Built! Check Them out!

    I completed the build on my 100th and 101st ships yesterday. It wont be my last. Further expansion of my fleet is eminent! "Resistance is futile!" "It's getting a little crowded in my space". Sorry I like movies with ships in them. Check out my fleet! Let me know what you think...
  11. J

    Torpedoes 3.0

    Hey folks, I'm pretty new to the whole forum / playing Elite and I was wondering (since all the things I've read are about a year old) if torpedoes can be used for assassination missions. I'm planning on using a FGS as my main combat ship, I haven't really delved too much into engineering and...
  12. S

    Multi-Crew Questions and Issues (With FGS advice appreciated)

    Hey everyone, I just bought a FGS and was trying to multi-crew with my two friends who play ED. I have a size 6 SLF hanger and two SLFs, but I could only invite one person to my crew. Reddit threads from the 2.2 beta prior to SLF release mentions you can have two humans pilot your SLFs. Did the...
  13. I

    Ships Viability (and fun) of a stealth/sniper ship?

    One thing that I'm somewhat disappointed in with Elite is that there isn't any deeper stealth mechanics in spaceflight. There have been some great books that cover this; Cloak of War is the most recent one I've read that handles stealth SPECTACULARLY in space. I recently got my end-game goal...
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