1. Heart Kicker

    Elite Dangerous Travel Guide v1

    Hi Cmdrs, It was a little tiring, but very good. I hope it has been a useful content. I will publish a new version, if there is something you want to add, you can comment. Thank you o7.
  2. marx

    Marx's guide to finding Ammonia worlds

    Welcome to my guide to finding Ammonia worlds! This was adapted from my guide to finding Earth-like worlds, but it seems there's more and more of an interest in finding Ammonia worlds as well. If you read this little text, you'll know how to improve your chances of finding Ammonia worlds. Note...
  3. Gohax

    Blender 2.83 TMTK Guide (with simple animation)

    Hello, during the past couple of days, i was banging my head against Blender 2.83 until i got an animated model working correctly ingame. As i couldn't find a complete compilation of this knowledge anywhere, i decided to make my own short guide for this most recent Blender version. To be exact...
  4. Clicker

    Guide / Tutorial TARGET SCRIPTING TUTORIAL: Read status.json & process Flags keyvalue

    Greetings Commanders, If you use TARGET Script to enhance the functionality of your Thrustmaster HOTAS, sooner or later you may want to add some form of state tracking. The best way that I know of for your HOTAS to "know" what's happening within the game is via reading the status.json file...
  5. marx

    Marx's guide to Notable Stellar Phenomena

    Since various aspects of NSPs tend to come up regularly, and seemingly a bit more often these days, I thought I'd write up some information on them. Answers to the most frequently asked questions, information on how to find them, and so on. Click the spoiler buttons to see the answers and...
  6. H

    How To Breed Perfect/Leucistic Animals (with 100 in every stat)

    How to Breed Perfect Animals As much as I (for some reason) enjoy making text guides on things such as this, I thought I'd save my time and yours (reading) and put up a link to a tutorial video I've made on the subject. It's very comprehensive, and details how to breed ANY animal to perfection...
  7. A

    Planet Zoo: A Comprehensive Guide

    So you didn't do the tutorial-- or maybe you did and you just missed something. Regardless, here is everything you need to make and manage a zoo that can keep animals and guests happy while creating a conservation effort.
  8. SamBePunkt

    Zoo guides and/or commentated feedings

    Still wishing for commentated feedings or zoo guides like in my post here or in Mjmannella's post here. Bit sad that this feature which can be seen in the announcment trailer was not added into the game. This would be a more personal way to educated the zoo guests instead of just with...
  9. Pixelated Sparkster

    General Gameplay Could we have all fences have a light highlight when they are in the forest as a visual option?

    Recently, there has been an update to the fencing in which we could see a white line vector to indicate to us how the fences will look like when being constructed in thick forests. I wish to see a future addition as a visual option where all constructed fences would have a similar vector...
  10. perafilozof

    Need critique on a tutorial video

    Hi all, while we wait for launch I made a tutorial about starting a new Zoo in the franchise mode and making it profitable at the start. Would you mind telling me how good it is so I can change it before games launch? From the description of the video: Source...

    Guide / Tutorial Material & Data Guide Tutorials for 2019 Summary

    Doing a Post with all Info to efficient Material / Data Collection for 2019 /2020 There is a lot of seperate Info, but no whole one where people can easy find stuff, so non of the linked guides and videos sheets are from me credits belongs to the creators ...
  12. alco82

    Tips and Tricks document V1.0

    Useful things I've come across so far - any more message me and I'll include...
  13. Zoran Voloshin

    Newcomer / Intro Surface prospecting and mining for Elements

    Source: How-to video.
  14. MAD7 Danuwoa

    Guide / Tutorial The Danger Zone Galactic Archive

    The Danger Zone Galactic Archive Designed to be the one stop consolidated information library for Elite Dangerous. For the new Commander in search of Where to go, and What to do when you get there, and for the Veteran that may need a bit of reminder. The Archive consists of an A - Z library of...
  15. zombieapocalypse

    Newcomer / Intro Elite: Dangerous – a comprehensive beginner’s guide [Beyond 3.3 edition]

    Howdy virtual space folk! In addition to the web version of my super-duper in-depth Elite: Dangerous beginners guide, there's now a PDF version also available for download. Many thanks to CMDR Aurelius Borealis for creating and hosting the PDF version. o7 Last edited: 8 April 2020
  16. MAD7 Danuwoa

    Danger Zone - Elite Dangerous Discord Reference Library

    New CMDR's and Veterans alike. For all things Elite and Dangerous in the galaxy, refer to the one stop consolidation library for Elite Dangerous. Danger Zone A-Z categorized library of reference material. Material gathering sites, Thargoids, Guardians, News & Updates, expeditions, engineering...
  17. T

    Ships Krait Phantom Exploration Build Guide

    Hey guys I'm here with the new Krait Phantom. This is a good round ship pretty much like the MK II but lighter. This ship has a 65 ly jump range fully outfitted. I hope you guys enjoyed the video! Please tell me down below what you think of the Phantom in the youtube video! :) Ship link...
  18. M

    [Guide] Sharing my method of Federal Rank grind Post 3.3

    Hey folks I was one of the unfortunate souls that did not partake in the board flip / stack 20 missions before the 3.3 dedicated mission server was implemented. So I thought I would just share my method to grinding this horrid rank. Let me say tho, this is NOT a quick rank up, this takes approx...
  19. Thememakers Toolkit Authoring Guide

    Hi all, please see the PDF below for our authoring guide. It will be updated regularly.
  20. T

    Ships ED Alliance Crusader Combat Build Guide V2

    Hey guys I'm back with a Version two of the Crusader! I do like this version a lot more because it sports the extra fighter for multi crew and also gains shields strength two with not to many negatives. Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions just post them in the comments and I'll try to...
  21. T

    Ships Alliance Challenger Combat Build Guide

    Hey guys, I'm back with another ship building guide! Today we have the Challenger. This a fun ship I use for PVE and PVP. This a common build you find for this ship as well. I personally go with the daka build on it, but you can do as you please. Hopefully you guys enjoy the video and tell me in...
  22. T

    Ships Alliance Crusader Combat Build Guide

    Hey guys I made a video going over the new Alliance Crusader. It has gotten a lot of flak from recent reviews I've seen. Hopefully this video and my discussions of it clear some stuff up. I'm not saying this is the pvp ship in the game but it is a...
  23. T

    Krait MK II Combat Build Guide!

    Hey guys I'm here today with another one of my ship builds and it's one of my favorite ships the Krait MK II! I do love this ship for pvp and pve. I have more content for this ship in future videos! There are videos of me using this ship in pvp as well. I hope you all enjoy the video and please...
  24. Ranek Eisenkralle

    Guide / Tutorial Elite's built-in optical landing system explained

    I frequently noticed that people seem to be having significant problems with fitting the big ships through the mailslot and into a station. Hence I am going to share a neat feature I have been using for a long time to safely get several different big ships into a station. I tested this with the...
  25. zombieapocalypse

    Newcomer / Intro Elite: Dangerous – a comprehensive beginner’s guide

    EDITED 1 June 2019 It has taken me a little while — with real life and all that shizzle getting in the way (plus a holiday in Sciliy) — but I’ve now finished updating my Elite: Dangerous — A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to incorporate the changes from the April 2019 game update. Behind the...
  26. Alec Turner

    Alec's best of the forum (and elsewhere) [v2]

    (banner image courtesy of Qohen Leth) So quite often I find myself wanting to recommend a bunch of forum threads to other players and rather than having to dig around each time I thought I'd start a thread that attempts to pull all the good (IMHO) stuff together in one place. I'm going to try...
  27. I

    Newcomer / Intro Help with ship parts/modifications for a newbie

    Is there a detailed rundown on ships parts and the classifications? Like what is better 3D or 2a thrusters? That kind of thing. New and just blown away about how much detail there is in this game.any help would be greatly appreciated my apologies if there is a great comprehensive guide on this...
  28. G

    Ships 2.4 Corvette Build advice/doubts

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening fellow Commanders Since short I have a Federal Corvette. For the most part I got no problems to build it. But I kinda am doubting what to do depending on it's purpose how to build my shields and Armour. My Clan has given me decent advice, but I decided to listen...
  29. aeshec

    Guide / Tutorial [Guides] I Finished my Flight Assist Off Beginner Series!

    I'm so excited to be able to post this. Back in May, I posted the first video of some training that I use when training apprentices in Newton's Gambit. This Beginner Series, meant to be divided into five sections, has matured into an archive of training material which will be continued and...
  30. WallacEngineering


    Welcome all newcomers to the world of Elite: Dangerous! BOUNTY HUNTING GUIDE If you are new to Elite: Dangerous (ED), you may be wondering "How Do I get Started?" As after the tutorials, you are pretty much on your own and the game does not explain how to get started or where to go. In ED...
  31. Crayfish

    Elite wins award at The Register

    Elite has just one the "Antique Code Show All-time Classic Award" for 2011 at The Register technology news web site. Thought you might be interested. No more details apart from that I'm afraid.
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