1. Gavin786

    Future of Elite+Paid For Content

    Dear Frontier/The Community, If we look at our setups for playing Elite, almost all of us have invested hundreds if not thousands in gaming hardware, decent PC, VR headset etc, almost all just to play Elite. And that is not counting the time which for most of us is in the hundreds of hours...
  2. C

    Thoughts on adding Commodity vendors traveling the void.

    An idea that would make the galaxy feel more alive. Have vendors pop up in the void with engineered body guards. Who ask if you want any of their cargo for a slightly inflated cost. *Be it raw/data or manufactured materials. *commodities of varying types. *Or Sellable data for either the...
  3. JohnRoberts

    Squadrons feature for outlaws and pirates

    Now, I know that Squadrons is not even in beta yet, but I watched the live stream, and I got to thinking these Squadrons seem a little clinically clean for those of us who live more on the fringes. Too structured for Anachists, too civilized for Pirates, if you will. So I'd like to suggest that...
  4. Vurrath

    interdiction inbalanced when lowPing V highPing

    although i don't mind being interdicted legitimately, i DO mind, Frontier doing nothing / little, about making sure that when only one person is on high ping in a inderdiction, that the preferential/depenent co-processing, needs to depend on THEIR end processing FIRST, to make sure that the...
  5. A

    Ships Chieftain performance

    So I bought the chieftain and absolutely love it. Such a beautiful ship in my opinion and I bought plenty of decals for it. But after a while of fitting and flying I have come to... Somewhat regret my decision... As much as I love the combat the shields are just to weak to be of any use and u...
  6. T

    Completely fed up with the grind fix the problem not the symptom

    I'm tired of this we get any good money making and it gets nerfed so fast I think I'm dizzy from it devs need to stop acting like clueless fools and realise this game shouldent feel like a job I have a job and the only reason I have had time for this game have been what are considered money...
  7. shrav

    The start of the war - MIR

    I have just received word that there have been more attacks. My heart goes out to the lives lost in Bhal and Nauni. I hope they will receive the same support we have in speedy evacuations. This guerilla warfare style hit and run tactic aims to keep us occupied and unaware. A bigger threat than...
  8. vantablack

    Mirrored Surface

    Hello all! I’ve recently started exploring and wondered if it’s worth using the mirrored surface as a way of reducing heat build up when scooping and contralto flying close to stars etc..... Does this make any sense? Or is it a case of keep as light as possible for jump range? Cheers
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