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  1. Y

    Labeling or Object Mistake

    In the Jurassic Park Chaos Theory Mode for decorations, the “Aviary Sign” depicts the Spinosaurus instead of the Pteranadon, not sure if this is intentional and a reference to the JP3 film, but it is confusing nonetheless. Especially since there doesn’t seem to be a Aviary Facility available to...
  2. T

    RCT 3 PC Please add a means of disabling clearance checks

    I recently bought the complete edition on steam after having played quite a bit of openrct2 and the advanced scenery options available to construct stemming from the ability to ignore clearance checks. Could this please be added to RCT3 as I want to make a more in-depth decorated park
  3. Baikles

    Some more tooltips? Maybe? Please?

    I really love the game and there have been quite some quality of life improvements I really enjoy, like the path barriers from the last update. But one thing I'd really love to see would be some more tooltips and information. This is just some examples off the top of my head. One thing I have...
  4. GanYmeD

    General Screenshot tool in ED with Metadata for System, Settlement, Coordinates ... for easier handle in glitches in game

    I have an idea to feed issuetracker for ED with needed informations: It would be cool to have a tool for screenshots within Elite which saves starsystem, planet, settlement and coordinates in the metadata like EXIF-Metainformation does in photos. Would be much easier to report errors in the...
  5. Spinony Gaming

    Suggestion: Playable Dinosaur DLC

    Explanation and Introduction: This feature grants the player being able to control any dinosaur in a way how they want to, like a simulation but only for entartaining and not it's not too sophisticated and detailed... This is far aside from the game's main purpose and in fact adding something...
  6. South Tyrant

    Why breeding mechanics are still needed

    Here i bring all my recognition, respect and thanks to the entire Frontier team, for making this wonderful game! Why only capture wild dinosaurs and hatchery (only) is not good at all: Honestly, this idea of capturing dinosaurs in the wild is not good. It's like dealing wild animals. I...
  7. Mon Dieu

    Feature request - deploy SRV from ship while on foot

    Currently, if the player is on foot and decides to go for a drive, the player has to clamber back into the ship then clamber into the SRV and deploy it. Instead, if the player is already on foot and wants to use an SRV, it'd be handy if the player could instruct the ship to deploy an SRV...
  8. B

    Let us sit!

    The number of times I’ve been envious of the npc sitting on the couch and napping, I’ve lost count. the idle animations exist, the chairs and couches exist. Can we be given the ability to sit? oh, the beds too! I want to be able to lie down too!
  9. Carl Younger

    Switch the HUD's primary color to blue when in Analysis Mode.

    I understand that people have requested official support for custom HUD colors many times, and I understand (to some extent) the reluctance on the developers' part to let people apply arbitrary colors to a complex interface (which may still evolve). Yet, a blue HUD does look nice. As a...
  10. Carl Younger

    The Supercruise interface should be part of the ship's HUD.

    EDIT: Ignore this whole thread. I completely misunderstood how this works. We generally control the ship (as you'd expect in an Elite game) using its (in-game) HUD. The exception is the Supercruise interface, which just appears on-screen, undermining emersion. Supercruise only has a handful of...
  11. R

    General Rent-a-ship

    Frontier, thank you for a wonderful game! Many times I have recommended Elite to friends, and when they do finally give it a shot, we always have this issue where there is not much for us to do together, as there is not much gameplay that is conducive to someone with 800+ hours in game, and...
  12. Coldmaster

    A simple feature to add

    Hello to all commanders, I don't know if this has already been discussed, but I have a simple feature that would be interesting to put in the game, especially for explorers. Put some compendium with the systems that the commander was the first to discover, the planets that he was the first to...
  13. yoav_r

    Research in Sandbox

    I love the feature of Research, but in sandbox everything is researched for you. I would really like a feature that allows you to choose if you want all mechanical/animal research complete before starting a new zoo. Like a checkbox in the new zoo menu. This would allow you the sandbox options +...
  14. S

    General Player bases

    I love this game so very much, although there’s one thing which I kinda regret. All these « empty » planets. It would be awesome to be able to build player bases (for a squadron for instance) so that they can have a more direct influence over the open world. Imagine if players could establish a...
  15. T

    Multi Station for Coasters

    Hello i want suggest multi station support like in the good old rct3 to build coasters with a only exit and only entrance to rebuild reallife coasters and maybe speed the guest per hour up Source: https://imgur.com/a/TqgIm88
  16. L

    Franchise API

    Hi dev team, I would really be interested in the availability of an API for the franchise store. Here is my idea: A web API available for people to use in their own creations Could be authenticated/restricted via steam ids (or possible API tokens) With the API you can do the following...
  17. C

    Bridge on Fleet Carriers

    When a commander docks to his or her fleet carrier, he should be able to view the landing pad deck from the bridge. Should the commander decide to, the commander should be able to return to his or her ship. This would be merely a cosmetic and aesthetic change.
  18. T

    Saving loadouts for easy change

    First post to the forums, apologies if it's in the wrong spot. Went digging to see if this was posted anywhere else and I could not find it on the forums. I was hoping to submit a feature request for saving different loadouts for ships. I have my Python set up as a mining ship and I have all...
  19. S

    General A more efficient way to identify a Carrier's outfitting while traveling

    Greetings CMDR's. Hopefully this could be an update in the near future. With the new Fleet Carriers being added. Aside from docking to view facilities/outfitting on a FC, I realized the only other way to check what facilities/outfitting options a FC had was if i went into system map and...
  20. J

    Proposal Discussion [Feature Request] Heartline controls in coaster editor

    [Feature Request for Planet Coaster] Please add an option to tilt, roll, turn, and flip referencing the heartline axis as the center of gravity in the Planet Coaster coaster editor for more realistic coasters, smoother g-forces, and smoother rides all together. The current editor is great, but...
  21. R

    Future DLC, animals and features

    Hello Planet Zoo-fans, I have come to a list of ideas for future DLC-packs, but just animals we really need. Including animals and other features. If someone call add some ideas, would be great! Yes, I'm Dutch so I wrote the translation beside and sorry for some bad English. Please tell me what...
  22. F

    General Active Support Role

    I usually prefer playing support in games, in Elite Dangerous there are features that can be considered as support such as the shield healing lasers as well as being able to repair and refuel others, but two big pieces of the puzzle are still missing, especially when fighting in distant systems...
  23. L

    I think the game should have a grid with a counter.

    This will make it easier to plot where to put things and to build exhibits.
  24. S

    Full Trade Centre, but I still can send animals

    I keep finding my storage with 40-50 animals, and the game only let me know its full when I try to buy a new animal. When I go tho the habitat menu > animals I can select them and send them to the trade centre even when its full (I kinda love this bug, it's sad to report). I can also send the...
  25. CMDR Nathan Atterlein

    Ingame merit leaderboard against 5c

    It probably has been said a bunch of times, probably missed it, but still... Wouldn't it be great if the Elite gave out the names and merits of all commanders who contributed in any way to PP? If it could be filtered to systems, 5c people would be exposed even from solo. Bots would have a hard...
  26. crowmeleon

    Quality of Life Improvements Wishlist

    I'll be updating this thread as I go. Trying to focus on QOL improvements alone since there seem to be plenty of threads for other stuff. Listing literally everything I can think of because I know many of these won't be implementable, especially by release. Please fix: Don't have to keep...
  27. Dryheat4u

    Here’s my take on what Elite Dangerous is getting wrong…

    First, some background. I have logged several thousand hours of dedicated game-play in Elite Dangerous. I have completed the superpower rank grind for both the Empire and Federation. I have been to Beagle point and back twice. I have built and engineered over twenty different ships in my career...
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