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  1. M

    Completed like 6mil in bountys but none shown up on collection but appeared to right as I killed the enemy aircrafts - BUG

    Completed like 6mil in bountys but none shown up on collection but appeared to right as I killed the enemy aircrafts - BUG
  2. B


    Hola buenas, me he comprado en steam el elite dangerous y cuando lo ejecuto me sale en el launcher que necesita una actualización pero hago todo lo que ponen pero siempre me sigue saliendo lo mismo, no se que hacer. Muchas gracias.
  3. Commander Mick

    Brought a Imperial Eagle After I First Saw This......

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1qWEzBvLlw Now, that's what I call good advertising!
  4. Paul Eddington

    Merge Jurassic World with Elite Odyssey

    Completely new for long term Elite players, "Elite Worlds" features thousands of different prehistoric planets in different stages of evolution, with variations of dinosaurs and other prehistoric lifeforms to challenge you "On-Foot". Land in the wrong place, and a prehistoric creature may take...
  5. O

    Newcomer / Intro Why did Road to Riches take so long for me? Also why didn't it pay out as much? Did I forget something?

    So all this started when I left the starting bubble by accident. I thought that system was on the bubble list? I only had 5 million to my name, a few clues from the Newcomers section here at Frontier, and no idea what to do next without getting arrested or blown up 40 times for delivering a ton...
  6. Heart Kicker

    Guide / Tutorial Elite Universe Sightseeing Guide - 57483 x 5789px

    Greetings Commanders, I worked on this graphic for 3 months. I can say it took about 1000 hours. I am very honored to present this to you. You can download raw files from cloud drive. I have also prepared a searchable PDF file for you. I will add the booklet version soon. I need some rest...
  7. D

    Am I missing somthing?!

    I took this screenshot 10 minutes after arriving in the solar system... I am on a mission to put some dodgy code in. Am I missing something or is this just how far away it is? Has anyone had worse?
  8. U

    Massacre missions problems

    I’m playing the ED:Horizon build and I keep taking massacre missions to take out a specific faction. I will arrive in the system and scan the nav. Use the fss. And go to mission signal sources. None of these have the faction I’m suppose to be going after. The missions signal sources have ships...
  9. G

    ED Odyssey update freezing during install

    I started the download this morning and was away 9 hours and still nothing. I restarted the launcher (frontier Ed launcher) and retried.. will get 75% of the way and just stop.. the mbps freezes on whatever the last active mbps was.. I disabled cache check. I looked at my task manager and it...
  10. S

    Actual Odyssey Engineer's content is a waste of opportunities

    To be honest I have some good time with the game right now. Technical issues gonna be solve in future update and I haven't any doubt. But the things I can't be agree at all is what engineer can do with our weapons. Frontier are telling us that: In 3307 only 5 persons in the entire galaxy can...
  11. N

    The new Elite Dangerous: Odyssey update

    So I'm one of the people who's gotten the game for free on Epic Games when it was free. My question being, is the Elite dangerous odyssey a seperate DLC I need to buy? Or is it just an update I need to wait for?
  12. T

    Playing Elite Dangerous with Valve Index?

    I seem to be having some problems playing Elite Dangerous with the Valve Index. I get it to boot up, but my controllers do not work, none of the buttons seem to work, and neither do the joysticks work. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. T

    General / Off-Topic For Elite Dangerous + The Big Bang Theory Fans

    I'll leave this here for ya! :p
  14. compubuster

    [INDEPENDENT] Die Section 31 Tactical Operation [31TO] sucht DICH

    Hallo CMDR, Die Section 31 Tactical Operation sucht weiterhin Piloten die noch Unterstüzung im Spiel benötigen, so wie ausgebildete Piloten und Special Forces Bodentruppen. Unser Durchschnittsalter dürfte um die 40 liegen, wobei einige noch die erste Version von Elite gespielt haben. Wir...
  15. AlienDrew

    Release Elite Dangerous News - Another Discord feed bot

    Features: Works on multiple discord servers Properly and stylishly parses original article formatting Gets latest Elite Dangerous feeds (by the minute) You can set a channel you want the automatic news feed messages to go You can also have a role set to ping when a new article comes in Latest...
  16. F

    Newcomer / Intro can't even start the game

    I bought ED on Steam. When I try to run it, I get a Frontier login page - when I log in, it sends me a verification code in email. When I enter in the code, I get a message telling me to buy/redeem the game code. When I log in again, I get sent a new verification code. Three times I've gotten a...
  17. Drumatiko

    ED: eyetracker on curved monitor

    A few years back I bought a Tobii 4c eyetracker to use in Elite Dangerous, but was not able to use when I switched to a curved monitor since the hardware requires a flat edge to be placed on. After reading a story of someone who succesfully placed the eyetracker underneath and a bit forward, I...
  18. X8785

    Found! Thargoid Queen and Raxxla by me Cmdr x8785 Hail the far god!

  19. C

    Elite Dangerous in game Social Media and Influencers

    So I was just brainstorming a small idea and while doing that I came across an idea regarding the social media in Elite universe and how it works. We the CMDRs of pilots federation get our news and all the latest happenings through Galnet which is easily accessible all across the galaxy, but...
  20. C

    Odyssey on epic or account migration?

    like many of you I recently got elite for free on epic and with odyssey just around the corner I was wondering if it will ever come to epic or if we will be able to migrate our accounts to steam so we can play odyssey and not miss out on all the awesome content
  21. S

    How to launch Elite Dangerous in VR?

    Got the game on Epic Games. Linked to my Steam account. Can't figure out how to launch it in VR on my HTC Vive. Help!
  22. B

    Better possibilities for API

    Currently, the only way third party software can interact with the game is by looking at the log files, which give a lot of info, but it is non-interactive and very limited. Proposal: Share more data about the game, for example, the Universal Cartographics data, which players have had to...
  23. A

    When I open the game after a few seconds it closes

    I just updated Windows (it didn't work before), I've finished the tutorial. When I try to open Elite Dangerous / Elite Dangerous: Horizons after a few seconds it closes. I've reinstalled the game, updated Windows, tried various things and it still happens Anyone have any idea how to fix it?
  24. AndarWyn

    Hard FPS Cap?

    Does anyone know if there is a hard FPS cap in Elite Dangerous at 100fps? I can't get it above 100 fps no matter what I do? Systems: i9-9900K, 32Gb Ram, Windows 10, RTX2080Ti, SSD Any help would be great.
  25. dreampage

    Elite Dangerous on Xbox Series X [Video]

    Hello CMDRs, As a games journalist / blogger I had the privilege to participate in Microsoft's Xbox Series X review process, thus I had the chance to play Elite Dangerous on the new console (which I do almost every day anyway). Now that the review embargo has lifted I'd like to post a short...
  26. Fosdyke

    Sidewinder boost on a rocky planet (Odyssey Fan Art)

    We all love making speedruns between these rocks, aren't we? ;) With a nice ship kit, even better :) "Foxtrot Delta Sierra, found the valley, heading right to the beacon signal!" Comments and appreciations are always really welcome, not to mention ;)
  27. K

    Something's not right here...

  28. CMDR Bones

    Black wings PVP school for ps4 commanders recruiting trainees, no obligation necessary open to all squadrons.

    Greetings commanders, I am commander alabone or "Bones". I am making this post to invite commanders new and old to come join my dojo and help make pvp accessible to everyone. At Black wings I have catered channels on our discord for learning about the ships, tactics and general theory behind...
  29. B

    international clan/faction/Squadrons searching members....

    Welcome, our name is The Immortal Defense Force. We are an independent faction. We're coordinating our actions at our discord server which you can find here: https://discord.gg/6paeFZH You can also find our squadron under the IMDF tag in-game and apply. Our discord server contains NSFW content...
  30. S

    General A more efficient way to identify a Carrier's outfitting while traveling

    Greetings CMDR's. Hopefully this could be an update in the near future. With the new Fleet Carriers being added. Aside from docking to view facilities/outfitting on a FC, I realized the only other way to check what facilities/outfitting options a FC had was if i went into system map and...
  31. Daniel Klimchuk

    Fleet Carrier Livery

    I've noticed that the Elite Dangerous Store website now has a Fleet Carrier Section - layouts, paintjobs, detailing and ATC. There's nothing there yet but interesting nonetheless, especially layouts and ATC.
  32. GrayWolfGaming93

    I bought the game through steam and I still can't play it

    so I bought elite dangerous through steam and it won't let me play when I try to log into my account for the game
  33. Albus20

    Creo que me persigue un cazarrecompensas o algo

    Hola buenas, llevo apenas un par de días jugando a ED y resulta que de repente tengo a una especie de cazarrecompensas que no deja de perseguirme por los sitemas para intentar destruir mi nave. Siempre es el mismo NPC (juego en solitario) con una Vulture, y me salta un mensaje al panel de chat...
  34. mhwlng

    In-Development Information Display for Logitech Flight Instrument Panel

    This application displays data from Elite Dangerous on Logitech(Saitek) Flight Instrument Panels or in a window for VR. You don't need a Flight Instrument Panel, if you only want to use this for VR. Use the right rotary encoder to scroll vertically on all tabs. Use the left rotary encoder...
  35. N

    VR + Reshade ... Like Insomnia Profile

    Hello, I just see this Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkn6DcuafVc :Elite Dangerouswith Reshade Insomnia FX Profile... Is it possible to have this result now ? Thank you !
  36. mhwlng

    Release v1.2.0 elgato stream deck button plugin for elite dangerous

    elgato stream deck button plugin, that connects to elite dangerous, to get the status for 14 different toggle buttons, 4 buttons to control the power distributor pips, 4 alarm buttons, 3 FSD related buttons, an FSS button and a generic limpet controller button. If you press the relevant button...
  37. Elrith

    Release EliteChroma

    EliteChroma is a tool to make Razer Chroma devices and Chroma-connected devices react to Elite : Dangerous in-game events. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then perhaps a video will be better still: Features Runs in the background, accessible through a system tray notification icon...
  38. tokachy


    Cordial saludos amigos les escribo para comentarles una idea que e venido desarrollando, llamado Crónicas Elite Dangerous, en la cual pienso narrar las diferentes historias que ustedes quieran que contemos, algo así como la taberna de koki pero de forma mas abierta contando las aventuras de...
  39. A

    Newcomer / Intro Xbox One Update = Best Game EDver!

    So I'm back but this time its to admit that I may have spoken too soon. Last week this game sucked hard and was unplayable on the Xbox console. This week there was an update (update times can vary depending on timezones and locations) The bugs are gone and everything is slightly better. Graphics...
  40. CMDR Jayce MacLeod

    The universe of Elite Dangerous vs Star Wars and Star Trek

    Greetings! As an Elite Dangerous player, I've often asked, and have been asked, that age old nerdy question... Star Wars vs Star Trek, who would win? Add Elite dangerous to the mix... I wonder who would win a battle royale in a three way. Who's tech is better, who's characters would lead...
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