1. E

    Frontier add EDDB to the game

    I think is about time that Elite made its own EDDB, I'm really surprised that they haven't add it yet. why they haven't done this at this point is beyond me.
  2. John Kozak

    Release Elite Log Agent - EDSM/Inara/EDDN log uploader tool

    What does it do? sends market prices, system/faction information, body scan data to the Elite Dangerous Data Network (EDDN). This data is then distributed to sites likes like EDDB, Inara, Trade Dangerous etc. sends your commander data - ships, cargo, materials, missions, community goals, flight...
  3. G

    EDDB Bodies Question

    Hi EDers, Quick question about EDDB: When doing a "body" search, results come back with up to four icons highlighted; a person, a system, a diamond and a rocket. I think the person indicates the system is populated, does anyone know what the others mean?
  4. J

    [TUTORIAL] Utilizando a ferramenta EDDB

    EDDB - Elite: Dangerous Database é uma página na internet (https://eddb.io/) que auxilia muito os jogadores de Elite Dangerous na procura de naves, equipamentos, sistemas, Micro Facções, Mercadorias etc. Para facilitar o entendimento vamos dividir em tópicos, a saber: I - Procurando Naves...
  5. Avi0013

    Release Questions about a replacement for Maddavo's updating for TradeDangerous

    Hopefully, most of you know Oliver (@kfsone) wonderful tool, TradeDangerous (TD), which is now being semi-maintained by @gazelle (Bernd) here: https://bitbucket.org/bgol/tradedangerous The beauty of this tool is in its completeness and complexity. It is a route planner, a market database, a buy...
  6. Athan

    Discussion Data flow from CAPI/Journals via EDDN and APIs to third party websites.

    As I keep seeing people confuse EDDB with EDDN, and in general not know how game data gets from players to the various third party sites I've made an infrographic. As per the notes at the bottom this doesn't cover every possible interaction between every possible tool and every possible website...
  7. Mattam

    Astronomy / Space Lunar Eclipse April 15th 2014

    Hello space-faring folk! I finally put together a time-lapse video of the recent lunar eclipse. It's pretty rough - the moon barely fit in the field of view and the mount wasn't polar aligned, but it's a nice big view. I wrote a quick blog entry...
  8. Cmdr Jonty H Campbell

    Astronomy / Space Space ****: Fill Your Moonboots!

    Space stuff.: Fill your boots! http://hubblesite.org/gallery/wallpaper
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