1. Sethioz

    How to use DSS Heat Map & find POIs (geo / bio locations) [Video Tutorial]

    It seems like lot of people are having issues with the new system in Odyssey, where the geological and biological locations no longer display on the left side navigation panel after you have used DSS (detailed surface scanner) to map the planet 100%. I was very confused about it too, but that's...
  2. marx

    Marx's guide to exobiology

    We should know enough by now for me to write a guide to exobiology, although bear in mind that things are still being worked on and researched, so expect some changes here later. Well then, here's my guide to exobiology. Let's begin with the two most frequent questions: Why should I do...
  3. CMDR WozToons

    DSS Shrubs?

    I have a planet that lists 4 biological. In the DSS the options are Bacterium, Tubus, Tussock and Shrubs. I have easily found the first three bur the 'Shrubs' are eluding me. Perhaps it's me being dense or perhaps it's a bug, both are equally possible. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  4. camenecius

    Add DSS filters, bio-sample markers, and element grades to SRV Wave Scanner.

    The new DSS contact filters are a good addition to exploration, and they need to be added to the SRV wave scanner. The current scanner tries to fit too much information into a few visual and sound effects cues; the ability to filter for a particular signature is a realistic solution to the...
  5. Q

    DSS engineering suggestion

    Module: Detailed Surface Scanner (D.S.S.) Experimental Modification: Safety Override Effect: Player may now choose to hold fire-trigger button for 5 second spool-up period (similar to liftoff sequence from planetary landings). After spool-up completes, vessel launches a single DSS probe as an...
  6. John Guevara

    visual improvement for DSS

    The FSS already show regions with spots. Would be great if I saw the same mechanics in DSS to immediately identify geological and biological sites, each type of sites could have a certain color. thanks!
  7. pikman80

    Finding crashed ships.

    Will the DSS help in finding crashes ships? Further more, is it possible to find crashes ships, in undiscovered systems?

    Remove grid overlay on planets when not using DSS

    While the grid overlay is super useful and makes sense while you are mapping with the discovery scanner, it makes very little sense afterwards to have the big blue overlay on afterwards. It might be nice in the niche case that you want to map a lot of bodies right next to eachother and don't...

    Adaptive zoom failed.. Adaptive zoom failed.. Adaptive zoom failed..

    One annoying issue i have with the FSS is how really sensitive the targets are, for both planet selection and tuning. Note, i'm not referring to the actual action of moving the dials over the signal, it's just that the actual "hitbox" for these are smaller than the signals themselves. I use a...
  10. Farinton

    Request: Have previously mapped planets annotated in HUD/system map/nav panel

    It's very hard to keep track of what you've surface mapped - the only option I can see at the mo is to open system map, set the info panel on the left and then click through each celestial body to see if it is mapped or not. It would be grand if we had an indicator that showed if a planet had...
  11. Stabby_Dave

    Help reqd with DSS bindings.

    Hi. I'm trying to bind the DSS probe targetting to my mouse, but so far no joy (it only lets me use the joystick). I also can't seem to find a way to rebind the "fire probe" button from F10 to anything else. Here's what I have: all help greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  12. M

    Launch probes anywhere, launch at rings around stars, rings that are "too far away" from bodies

    Launch probes anywhere, launch at rings around stars, rings that are "too far away" from bodies Title says it all. Please fix the "bug" that prevents us from launching probes, and therefore scanning rings around star-class bodies, and bodies with rings that are "too far away" for the DSS to...
  13. Farinton

    [Suggestion] Specific keybind to enter DSS mode instead of assigning to a fire group

    Currently there's no specific keybind for entering DSS mode, but I'd really like one as it feels more like a mode than an extension of flight gameplay. And I'm tired of hitting the wrong fire key and suddenly being unable to control my ship, then requiring a button press to leave the mode and...
  14. Riverside

    Don't show blue blobs for USSs in the FSS Scanner Screen

    I'm using the FSS to DSS unexplored bodies I'd never previously bothered to travel to, it's a nice side-earner while travelling around the bubble. The USSs always seem to have a small dotted circle around them no matter what frequency I'm tuned into so I propose the blue 'gravity well' blob be...
  15. Afroleft2001

    DSS filter for scanned planets

    Please please please add a way to tell surface scanned bodies from those yet to be scanned! It's a bit of a pain trying to pick out the single planet you missed in a large group, currently only way to check is to go through them all until you find one with 0%. In the Navigation panel - Make...
  16. T

    Apply gravitational lensing effect to DSS probes

    I know this isn't their intended use but I was firing DSS probes around a black hole yesterday and I was a little disappointed that the fancy lensing effects didn't work on them.
  17. M

    Engineers Impact of the new exploration mechanic to Engineers?

    Hi everybody, I've just read the new reveal to Chapter 4's exploration upgrade and I think that we will be impacted (besides the dedicated explorers) in several ways: - USSes will be generated when you enter a system and stay there until they expire (longer than now). You will find them using...
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