1. N

    Planet Coaster Console Edition Day/Night cycle?

    Hi I am new at Planet Coaster on PS5. Is there any way to change the day/night cycle on challenge mode? I want night to be longer,it's too short. Nights are more relaxing and looks awesome with lights etc. I hope there is a way. Thank you for reading
  2. klichekid

    How does time work in-game??

    No, really. How does time function in-game? For example; one month = XXX minutes?? one year = XXX hours?? I know it sounds like a stupid question, especially considering I've been playing since launch, but I just haven't really gotten a clear answer on it. I don't even think the game really...
  3. Antrys

    Ya ever had one of those days?

    When everything had been going swell, then you suddenly have that one day where everything that can go wrong, does? You get swarmed and killed by pirates within 2 seconds of them opening fire...... Twice Instead of the usual 5-15 seconds you get interdictions that last 2+ minutes! You get...
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