1. B

    XBOX Controllers not Recognized while Using Quest 2 via Link

    Hey folks, wondering if someone else has run into this problem. I have ED working fine on the Quest 2 via USB Link while running the Rift version of ED and the game set as normal to headphones graphic output. However, for some reason 90 percent of the time it does not recognize my XBOX 360...
  2. G

    Setup Thrustmaster HOTAS and Paddels

    Hi, this is my first post in this Forum, I'm relativly new to ED and just bought myself a nice thrustmaster warthog hotas + thrustmaster paddels. I got them working rather well in game, but when I tried using the target software that comes with them I ran into the problem of not having enogh...
  3. Para Handy

    Hardware & Technical Spacemouse by 3DConnexion

    Pilot your own Rocinante. Spacemouse by 3DConnexion. Does anyone use this (or a variant) in E D and if so what do you use it for? It is really pricey (Warthog stick and throttle price) and I wonder just how reliable / robust it is for use outside CAD / CAM applications?
  4. mecha_mike

    Limpets and limpet controllers, turn the table.

    As now there is only one type of limpet.. you get in the hardware store in most stations and its pretty cheap. They can repair, probe, transfer fuel and so on and on .. To control this litte buggers you need a computer that takes up a huge part of your ship, depending on what tasks the limpet...
  5. D

    General / Off-Topic Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS One Flight Stick for Xbox One and Windows review

    The Good: Solid build for the price, transforms game play. The Bad: No custom driver for Xbox and support a bit iffy in Elite The Ugly: Jitter and lack of throttle friction adjust Why review it now? When I bought mine I couldn’t find much about the T.Flight posted by long term users of Elite...
  6. CMDR Spadino

    Proposal for a new balanced limpet controller

    So, following the forum and all thread opened asking for, it seems that a great part of the player base is toward a unified limpet controller. Many aspect of the current limpet controllers are very unbelievable from a realistic point of view (such as their weight!) and, obviously, are more like...
  7. O

    One Limpet One Controller. Programmable Limpets.

    Limpets are one of the few ways Cmdrs have of directly interacting with other ships, whether NPC or player, and have the potential to make for interesting interactions (e.g. the Fuel Rats!) but limpet controllers are strangely specialized. Controllers all use the same limpets, but demand their...
  8. Raxxfire

    Sound track

    Not sure if this is the right place to pitch a proposal on any sound tracks to go with E/Dangerous. Im a massive fan of music by Ulrich Schnauss - but I wonder if other E/Dangerous fans have any preferences? If there is a...
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