1. E

    Edel's Journey: Beautiful Worlds

    Edel's Journey: Beautiful Worlds This is the journal of my attempt to circumnavigate the Milky Way in my DBX Hermes. I do not plan to stick to the outermost edge all the time but to visit waypoints or regions of seeming interest along the route. I hope to visit the cardinal points on the...
  2. Qildail

    Tilting At Windmills: A Circumnavigation Travelogue

    On 2 March of this year I arrived in Kojeara for the completion of Lost Worlds 2. Soon after, I decided my next adventure was to (finally) complete a circumnavigation. And so, after fixing some blueprints and shedding some weight, the Beluga Liner Quixote of La Mancha set out from Colonia on 5...
  3. Kaito Tatsuhiro

    [Expedition] Carrier Galaxy Express

    Greetings CMDRs, After some test in Beta 1&2, I have plans to go around the galaxy with a Carrier. I know... It is not easy, it is rather hard in reality BUT I do not think that the challenges are insurmountable with a team of explorer and miner. About The expedition: The main objective of...
  4. Clairelanolli

    Expedition Proposal: The Galactic Flower

    Hello everyone! This has been wracking at my head a little, but as I've been planning a personal expedition of my own, I've realized it's gonna be kind of hard doing this alone. While this expedition may or may not be incredibly planned out, I was at least hoping to see if anyone would be...
  5. joshscales

    Expedition proposal - The four corners Expedition (not for the faint hearted)

    I was just looking at the expeditions list on EDSM and saw that you only need 9 fellow commanders' interests to register an official expedition and get it tracked so, here is an expedition I have been planning for quite some time (and actually already attempted, but died on about half way...
  6. Robert Maynard

    In-Development StatusDisplay - status.json / journal display and surface navigation assistant.

    With the inclusion of status.json as an addition to the player journal data offered by the game in 3.0, I started development of an application to display that data and, given that positional information is included when in proximity to a landable body, allow the player to set destination...
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