1. Old Duck

    The Thargoids Are Back!

    Is this a bug or THE bugs?
  2. Old Duck

    From True Explorer to Tourist

    I used to be a True Explorer, but since restarting on PC I've become a not-so-true Tourist. This means that I'm purposefully exploring the Bubble itself, without caring about my name on discovery or mapped tags or making zillions of credits through Stellar Cartography. In some ways, tourism is...
  3. Old Duck

    A True Explorer Regenerates As A Tourist?

    I made Explorer Elite by almost exclusively scanning undiscovered planets and systems, no R2R for me! And this was before the FSS, so I had to fly to all these planets to scan them. I've gotten my name on all sorts of cool and rare things, including catalog stars. I've seen things you people...
  4. H

    Gnosis back in bubble?

    Is there any way to find out when the Gnosis is back in the bubble? I've found myself on board and had nothing worthwhile to do for a few weeks now. Not even any planetary exploration.
  5. H

    Colonia Ferry Service

    With the exception of ships that are engineered for long range jumping in particular and maso-erm explorers like myself, just getting to Colonia from the Bubble is a royal pain. Additionally, it is essentially a no go for novices to the game, so I had an idea to fix that: The Colonia Ferry...
  6. Daish

    Request for more Habitable zones

    With the standard bubble many of call home and colonia , isn't it time for several more habitable zones to start popping up, is this going to be a fronter issued CG or can they just call players to select a location, more so now the galaxy map has been made into zones etc. And with this...
  7. Yamiks

    [Video] 5 places to visit : in the BUBBLE

  8. M

    My SECOND big journey - Going Home!

    It's been a VERY long time since I detailed my FIRST big journey, out to Colonia, (https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/380264-First-big-journey!) so I thought, whilst setting off again, I'd update you on my adventures! After arriving in Colonia, I set about creating some reputation...
  9. Trilyden

    Military Enlistment

    Alright I’m going to say here that This would be a large feature to implement. So people are wanting an actual personal narrative but feel that the thargoid threat isn’t doing it for them. Also that the grind for Technology broker modules isn’t that personal or exciting. Well here the all...
  10. n13L5

    How is everybody managing their fleets and storage of multiple engineered versions of modules?

    60 slots for module storage might have been enough before Engineering... with ~25 different ways to engineer each gun in the game, 60 storage slots have obviously turned into a cruel joke... I ended up buying ship hulls to store modules with alternate engineering. In the case of corvette...
  11. EpicSOB

    Impending Thargoid Incursions.

    As it stands the latest station to be attacked sits less then 150 LY from the edge of human colonized space (129.66 LY from my measurement site) and each attack site appears to be exponentially further from the pleadies then the previous. Furthermore it is likely that this Incursions is set...
  12. S

    Conspiracy Theories

    So we have this nice little rainbow color human occupied bubble and to my knowledge most things outside of it is unexplored. This makes me think that there could be other things beside thargoids out there like the Raxxla myth and maybe other things not like other aliens, planets with life on...
  13. Arbitration

    First Thargoid IN THE BUBBLE Destroyed - Oct 1 23:45 - HIP 17962 - Elite Aid Stream

    https://youtu.be/EuhBpC8sTSQ At the end of the Elite Aid stream this weekend, we checked out the intel about the attacked container ship (Aquarius Class Tanker ALF-895) in HIP 17962, and were surprised by the Thargoid popping into instance. We scrambled some reinforcements and defended the...
  14. Ferritt

    Community Event / Creation Sidewinder Manual: Button Acronyms

    So I am looking at putting together a cockpit controls description section for a Sidewinder entry in that manual hidden by my right elbow. I was looking at all the controls, and was wondering if they already have specific meanings? I can certainly come up with some that work: On the left side...
  15. D

    Concept ships or realistic ships Anaconda and Viper

    just an image i made to conjecture what scale the ships so far shown are in relation to each other, I understand these are concept craft and liable to change allot, but it would be nice to imagine that real scale human relative constructions were being created from the outset. Anaconda and...
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