1. S

    Trying very hard to enjoy Odyssey...

    I came to Odyssey with extremely low expectations so the alpha... was actually kinda okay. But the more I play the release the more I find that I can't really find enjoy this..... I wasted 2 hours trying to get into 4 different combat zones in 2 different systems. Each time the zones were...
  2. S

    Poor Rescue Mission Instructions

    I visited an attacked ship and they were asking for people to help rescue the crew. Instructions over the radio said (Escape doors are jammed you will need to blast them open them so escape pods can be ejected. SOOOOO I use the data scanner and it points out the escape doors. I accept the rescue...
  3. E

    I am losing my mind read my text for info

    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU FD TEAM?? So listen now please. I have testet now long enough your new System with the High Grade Emission and i need to say did you think we havent anything else to do in our live??? I am sorry for this here but i need 3 Hours of searching to find 1 f. High...
  4. W

    Connection disconnects often whilst jumping in Mamba

    Maybe it’s just me but as of right now it seems like while jumping into another system with a mamba there is a tendency to disconnect. Anyone else experience this?

    bad missions and the beluga damn / malas misiones y la beluga

    ok, regards ... I want to complain about the problems I see in making misons and in the beluga ship, first, the missions of recovery of black boxes etc, when you come a squadron of 5 ships for you do not let you finish the mion because or you break or you have to go out and find the signal of...
  6. Antrys

    Ya ever had one of those days?

    When everything had been going swell, then you suddenly have that one day where everything that can go wrong, does? You get swarmed and killed by pirates within 2 seconds of them opening fire...... Twice Instead of the usual 5-15 seconds you get interdictions that last 2+ minutes! You get...
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