1. M

    General Engineering options for AX weapons?

    Hi, the AX weapons were the main way of fighting the Thargoids before the Guardian weapons were added. This has been some time has Alba Tesreau in his Aegis institute developed no improvements on the AX weaponry over the years? I guess the AX weapons were an experimental technology...
  2. SergMx

    The vitality of targoid hearts ?

    Sorry about my English. After you read the dictionary on the website: I'm not quite sure if Hydra's DPS is enough to destroy one heart by shooting only two middle guardian gauss. I want to try one assembly...
  3. I

    General Anti Xeno weapons need some adjustments for more variety in Anti Xeno combat

    My english is not good enough to type this, but i want to give some suggestions about AX weapons after 1.5 and in some cases even 2-3 years since everything mentioned here existed. AX Multicannons - Need 4 class AX multi for more variety. If you don't want to introduce 4 class AX multi, then...
  4. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    AX Ammunition Synthesis for Standard Weapons

    Just an idea I had to allow for Thargoids to be a bit less optional. The problem with the Thargoids, is that they require dedicated weapons to take down (except scouts), which means that CMDRs who don't have any of that currently equipped, stand zero chance of anything except escape, so you...
  5. GN_Abbude

    could give us a Multicannon AX size 4 for use on our larger ships.

    lately I've been trying to get a lot closer to Anti-thargoid activities, i killed my first thargoid interceptor this year, and I really enjoyed using the multicannons. What I find strange and even ugly sometimes is the fact that a lot of the ships I would like to use in this activity have much...
  6. Uvelius Sång

    Best AX-only loadout against Thargoids?

    I would like to equip my Krait for some Thargoid bashing after what has happened to the Gnosis (yes, they will probably bash me instead, I know). Now I want to avoid the "Pattern Epsilon" torture. The Weapon Blueprint, okay, doable. But all that Obelisk scanning ... no, thanks. You know, I want...
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