1. C

    Attacks by NPCs and proposed solutions

    I play mainly as a transporter and explorer and find it very frustrating to be attacked continuously by NPCs, even three or four times during a single journey and multiple times in the same game session. I point out that I am not a shooter lover (I also believe that on Elite Dangerous the...
  2. H


    Time Of Chaos fully support the actions of the NMLA and as requested by the Neo-marlinists we will provide ship support for their cause. ToC will be randomly patrolling the 9 martyrs, any ships seen that appear to be evacuating people from any of the bombed targets will be fired upon until they...
  3. P

    General Gameplay How would you feel if the current game Tornados could drain the health of the dinosaurs?

    Tornadoes in this game are currently destructive towards buildings and fences, where the worst case scenario is when it breaks the fence of really dangerous dinosaur species that would use this time to escape and attack guests. However, this form of destruction loses the unstoppable-force feel...
  4. Justinian Octavius

    Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 246: Empire Sends Winters some Early Love for Valentines

    The Empire continued its intense attack against the FUC-Kumo alliance last cycle keeping Winters in turmoil and forcing the Shadow President to lose 2 more systems from their ever shrinking domain. Once again the bravery, honour & superior skills of IHC pilots won the day against the galactic...
  5. S

    Release Automatic waypoint planner python/voice attack script

    I made a python script that reads lines from a text file where I put all the waypoints in that I want to navigate. This is handy for those that ride the Neutron Highway espescially while in VR! Pastebin of the python script I...
  6. S

    Release Voice attack can not enter search field in galaxy map (HOTAS)

    I'm trying to build a script that reads a text file and line by line to automatically feed waypoints, for example to plan a neutron highway route. Now the scripting is not a problem (I use Python to copy the text and delete the line). However, pasting the text in the search box in the galaxy map...
  7. M

    Thargoids attack even at opposite end of the human "bubble" now!

    Brave unarmed explorer CMDR Pirjo Suoyrjö encountered agricultural Megaship distress signal that had just been attacked by the Thargoids, reported no enemy activity in scanners and set out to investigate damage done. She reported that besides heavy structural damage there were some kind of...
  8. TorvalStrategyTeam

    Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 182: NZT declares war on Aisling Duval

    Shortly before the tick beckoned in Cycle 182 the hobos who call themselves NZT did reveal their true intentions to the galaxy by declaring war on Aisling Duval without attempting diplomatic liaison & pushed a 5C Expansion against her highness’ assets. This dishonourable sneak attack was however...
  9. imaner76

    No, sir, just a little anxious to get up there and whoop E.T.'s , that's all.

    I may just take an E.T. killing ship from the Pleiades to the Gnosis. Anyone else thinking of making their way?
  10. B

    Setting up advanced Voice Commands (Execute Another Command not working)

    I actually want to re-edit the title to "Setting up custom Voice Attack commands alongside KICS". I got a bunch of commands in another profile. However, some of these aren't overriding KICS' default command profile (such as saying "weapons", I want it to set all pips to weapons, not pull out my...
  11. S

    Found a new Alien Type at Station Banks Port !!

    Manage to get it on Youtube video before it escaped...[big grin] Its not Thargoid or Guardian's. But I captured what appeared to be a huge Lizard-like creature attacking in the station Banks Port on July 12th 2018. It appeared to be taking out the maintenance vehicle until frightened off by an...
  12. B

    Discussion Free Voice Attack Profile for BlueKnight_VR

    I am releasing my voice attack profile that has been designed for VR and will be expanding further as time goes by, hopefully with everyone's input. This is a custom voice attack profile that was designed for Virtual Reality (based on some ideas from Malic_VR). The voice attack profile is...
  13. Riverside

    Reducing the Combat vs Non-Combat Optimal Build Gap

    One of the issues regularly seen is that of the ganked ship being destroyed in seconds, another is that PvP battles take too long. Both of these common complaints boil down to optimised combat builds being so tough that it's affecting how enjoyable combat can be. Now with the ganked ship that...
  14. F

    Thargoid Anomaly To Be The Target Of Assault - The Fuel Scoop We're back on thargoid watch!
  15. EpicHam

    Siege of Sol in 315 days - Least Square Regression Analysis of Recent Thargoid Attacks

    With the recent Thargoid attacks pushing deeper and deeper into human space I decided to do some math. By doing a least-square regression analysis of the 12 stations attacked to date and their distance to Sol, I've calculated that the at the current rate Thargoid will reach Sol at day 366.988...
  16. F

    Future thargoid attack on the "bubble" (spawn location)?

    Should i be afraid of thargoids attacking bases near the spawn location? I am a newbie to ED and i've seen some posts about colonia and that people have been moving there because of Thargoids. Is this anything to consider doing? and if so i would need some help in doing that considering the...
  17. C

    Menu Movement and positions

    I, like so many others, use VoiceAttack with Elite Dangerous. I have loved, LOVED how Frontier has their station menu loops. For example. If your in your ship, and you hold your "UI UP" button, what happends? It moves to the top--then STAYS there. If you release the button, and press up...
  18. LuxAeterna

    Release Voice Attack Panels - Beta

    Summary: Users can create interactive panels to use via web browser or HTTP compatible software in most tablets, phones and touch enabled devices through Voice Attack. PROJECT IS BETA The original post is almost a year old and I didn't find a thread in the ED forums for it. I think it's a...
  19. M. Volgrand

    Todo parecía pacífico...

    Hudson Observatory estaba tranquilo aquel día. Muchos comandantes reparando sus naves y dando los últimos ajustes antes de partir a investigar los Targoides, rescatar cápsulas de escape.... o lo que sea que hicieran. Hudson era un pequeño remanso de paz en la gran zona de batalla que era HIP...
  20. F

    LostWinds How do I beat the final Boss?

    I am in the palace just now and have followed the spirit past the giant head into the (what looks like a court of statues). The only way I managed to get rid of him the first time was to make the giant head sing but now I am stuck.
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