1. G

    Release EDNeutronAssistant - Tool for using Neutron Highways

    I made a program that makes the use of the Spansh Neutron Plotter easier by providing a desktop program that automatically copies the next system of a route to the clipboard to avoid the need to tab out of the game in every system. The program can be found here...
  2. Henoch

    FD - Please give us a female German voice!

    Dear developers and programmers at FD, the majority of the German speaking community is very unhappy with "Gerhard", the German COVAS voice. Most of us have tried it and very soon switched back to the voices we were used to. "Gerhard" is a very old-fashioned name and the voice itself reminds...
  3. F

    Release Mission Help

    Is there a tool that helps you keep track of your missions, especially delivery missions where you might have to make multiple trips to load up? At the moment I accept several missions to / from the same star systems but I have to remember which station any remaining canisters are to collect...
  4. F

    Release Virtual Assistant but not for voice commands???

    Is there a Virtual Assistant that tells you about star systems once you arrive? Eg Welcome to Eravate Cmdr, X is selling low, x is buying high. The system is stable. You have X missions to complete here? ETC??
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