anti xeno

  1. N

    New weapon suggestion: Thargoïds core breacher torpedo.

    As we all know, the treat of thargoids grow rapidly, especially after the discovery of bernacles in the coalsack nebula. Even though we have the gardians technology on our side, who know what those insect-like beings are developing to make sure we won’t get a chance to survive? Some CMDRS might...
  2. Kestrel_Feathers

    How much of guardian weapon BP's I need in total?

    I'm at the Guardian ruins right now and by looking at Inara and ED Engineer I only need a few, but I remember Exigeous was mentioning that you need buttloads of those to unlock EVERYTHING. I only need Guardian medium Gauss Cannon and large Plasma Charger, but I don't know if Frontier changed...
  3. I

    General Anti Xeno weapons need some adjustments for more variety in Anti Xeno combat

    My english is not good enough to type this, but i want to give some suggestions about AX weapons after 1.5 and in some cases even 2-3 years since everything mentioned here existed. AX Multicannons - Need 4 class AX multi for more variety. If you don't want to introduce 4 class AX multi, then...
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